Tours in El Calafate -Argentina- Safari Nautico

Safari Nautico - El Calafate - Argentina

This excursion offers one hour of navigation into the icy waters of the Rico Branch of Lago Argentino, where impressive views of the 70 meters high wall of the Perito Moreno Glacier can be seen.

The trip begins in the port situated at Bajo de las Sombras Bay, which lies on the northern shore of the Rico Branch of Lago Argentino, 63km west by road from El Calafate. The itinerary is really simple; the boat crosses the lake to reach the southern terminus of the Glacier sailing along its entire face. The sights from the boat are stunning; on one side huge icebergs float into the lake, on the other rises the terrific wall of the Glacier. Every couple of minutes a great crash from the wall announces the birth of a new iceberg to the fascinated passengers.

I think that the Safari Nautico is an interesting excursion to do together with the balconies of the Perito Moreno Glacier, because it shows two different sights of this impressive Argentine attraction. There are several departs per day so there is no need to book it. However, if you plan doing the Minitrekking or the Big Ice Trek, you may consider not doing the Safari Nautico, due to that both excursions follow a similar way to cross the lake.
Time: 1 hour
Tour Operator: Hielo y Aventura

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Anonymous said...

When I was planning my travel to Argentina I didn´t know where to start.
Then, I decided the South would be the best option, and I was right!
I´ve been to El Calafate and saw the most marvellous landscapes!